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IS1 – Hajj Lesson

Alhamdulillah! What a fantastic day with Islamic Studies year 1 (IS1) learning all about Hajj! Using their amazing skills, knowledge, and team work, our class built their own mini models highlighting the key steps of Hajj mashAllah including; the kaaba, mount Safa and Marwa, the tents in Mina, mount Arafah, stones at Muzdalifah, the Jamarat, and a sheep to signify Eid Al-Adha mashAllah! The class discussed each element, and took such care and attention in remembering the importance and blessings of Hajj mashAllah! It was an absolute delight and privilege to see the class come to life in creating these works of art, remembering the stories of prophet Ibrahim AS and increasing our love for Allah SWT alhamdulillah! Go IS1 mashAllah!  👏   💫 – Sr. Samita (IS1 Teacher)