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IS1: Prophet Yunus AS

As Salaam alaykum! 👋🏽 Alhamdulillah, our Islamic Studies year 1 class are having a fabulous term 2 learning about prophets! During our lesson on prophet Yunus AS, the class discussed how he would have felt in the belly of the whale, and the immense power of dua! SubhanAllah! To embed our learning, we discussed the dua of prophet Yunus AS and how we can use it in our lives, and got creative with a fabulous arts and crafts activity to remind us of the dua 👌🏽 Alhamdulillah, wonderful work and participation by the class – such a blessing to hear our youngest year show such excitement and understanding when learning about our beloved prophets, MashaAllah! Well done IS1! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

AS1 Lesson 18th Feb

Assalaamu Alaikum! In Arabic Studies Class 1 last Sunday, students were learning about the attributes of Allah, Rabb and As-Samad, from surah Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas.

Students were provided with biodegradable pots filled with compost which they took turns in squirting with water to moisten the soil in preparation for planting. They pressed some sunflower seeds and peas into the soil, hiding the seeds and placed them in their waterproof pots, ready for their window sills at home.

We also connected this activity with the beautiful event of the meeting of prophets Muhammad and Ibraheem ﷺ on the night of Isra wa Al-Miraj, the news of the soil of Jannah and how the seeds of plants are our remembers of Allah on earth.

Students learnt about the role of parents as murabbi and now they were the murabbies of their potted seeds.

IS1: Hajj

As Salaam alaykum! One of my favourite lessons for IS1 is bringing together the stories of prophet Ibrahim AS and Hajj! Alhamdulillah! This lesson is always so exciting for the class (including me and our amazing teaching assistants!) where we create a mini hajj model! Throughout the lesson we discuss the steps of Hajj, discussing and linking this with prophet Ibrahim AS as we build our models. SubhanAllah – I love seeing the excitement and enthusiasm in our amazing students, and how proud they are to take their models home and talk about them with their families! 🙏🏽 Alhamdulillah! At MKIS we strive to make learning interactive, engaging and fun – and this lesson always reminds me that it’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to teach and support here. Amazing work IS1!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Ramadan Competition – Arabic Studies

MashAllah we had some amazing submissions for our first Arabic Studies Ramadan competition this year! Submissions for the Qur’an reading and reciting can be found <here> and you can see our impressive art & calligraphy entries below! Well done to all of you mash Allah 🙂

All art winners were awarded colour pens and canvas pads to use to help them learn and memorise Quran through the art of calligraphy.


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Eid Mubarak

AS2A: 26.03.23

We are thrilled to share with you our recent activity in AS2A, where our students have learned how to make their own “mesbaha” using their favorite colors of beads. This hands-on activity allowed our students to not only express their creativity, but also to remember Allah (swt) by saying tasbeeh phrases such as alhamdulillah, subhan Allah, and allahu Akbar on each bead. This activity not only links with our syllabus, but also helps our students to practice their numeracy skills in Arabic. We are proud of our students’ enthusiasm in making their mesbaha. – Sr Nermin

AS1: 13.02.23

Subhan Allah! An activity filled lesson was had by the Arabic & Quranic Studies Level 1 students in February. Class learning began with Surah An-Naas and learning about Allah and his attributes الرَب & الْمَلِكُ  focusing on how such a short word has vast meanings: creator, provider, nurturer, nourisher and sustainer, provider, lord and master. Our starting point was of a seed, and how by the will of Allah, it develops and progresses. Alhumdu lillah!

We connected this learning to the upcoming anniversary of Al-‘Isrā’ wal-Miʿrāj— from the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when he met with Prophet Ibraheem ﷺ and after giving us salaam, the message he sent to the Ummah of Rasool ﷺ about the condition of Jannah; it’s soil and it’s water and what are the seeds of its vegetations.

AS1 students chose which seeds to sow in their plant pots, and covered them with soil before watering them. They took them home to look after, as the Murabbi of their plants, will help them grow and, Inn sha Allah, eat from what they produce!

Students also learned to recognise the formation of Arabic numbers through physical movements and postures as well as putting their colouring skill and penmanship in to practice. Maa sha Allah! Well done, super learners!

IS1: 5 Pillars of Islam

Alhamdulillah 💛 at MKIS we truly believe in working to build our students’ love for Allah SWT and understanding of our beautiful deen. During this week’s IS1 lesson, the class were introduced to the names and meanings of the 5 pillars of Islam. We discussed each pillar as an important act of worship and vital in keeping our iman strong. To help visualise the importance of each pillar, we created a house, with each pillar of Islam being key in keeping our homes upright, stable, and strong – alhamdulillah! 💛 Such wonderful conversations with our first years – keep up the amazing work IS1! Mashallah! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

IS4 Islamic Calendars

Masha’Allah! As we learn the significance of various different Islamic months through the year we asked the students to make an Islamic calendar for homework. We were absolutely blown away with the creativity these little souls put into it. The colourful creations were a delight to see. They were all so proud of their work and so eager to share with us. We are so so proud of our students. Keep up the good work IS4! – Sr. Ramos & Sr. Shazia

Eid-ul-Adha Display – MK Central Library

Br. Dawar (Islamic Studies Subject Head) and his family have contributed to a display currently on show at CMK Library for Eid-ul_Adha. Be sure to pop in this month to take a look!