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AS2A: 26.03.23

We are thrilled to share with you our recent activity in AS2A, where our students have learned how to make their own “mesbaha” using their favorite colors of beads. This hands-on activity allowed our students to not only express their creativity, but also to remember Allah (swt) by saying tasbeeh phrases such as alhamdulillah, subhan Allah, and allahu Akbar on each bead. This activity not only links with our syllabus, but also helps our students to practice their numeracy skills in Arabic. We are proud of our students’ enthusiasm in making their mesbaha. – Sr Nermin

Ramadan Mubarak

AS1: 13.02.23

Subhan Allah! An activity filled lesson was had by the Arabic & Quranic Studies Level 1 students in February. Class learning began with Surah An-Naas and learning about Allah and his attributes الرَب & الْمَلِكُ  focusing on how such a short word has vast meanings: creator, provider, nurturer, nourisher and sustainer, provider, lord and master. Our starting point was of a seed, and how by the will of Allah, it develops and progresses. Alhumdu lillah!

We connected this learning to the upcoming anniversary of Al-‘Isrā’ wal-Miʿrāj— from the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when he met with Prophet Ibraheem ﷺ and after giving us salaam, the message he sent to the Ummah of Rasool ﷺ about the condition of Jannah; it’s soil and it’s water and what are the seeds of its vegetations.

AS1 students chose which seeds to sow in their plant pots, and covered them with soil before watering them. They took them home to look after, as the Murabbi of their plants, will help them grow and, Inn sha Allah, eat from what they produce!

Students also learned to recognise the formation of Arabic numbers through physical movements and postures as well as putting their colouring skill and penmanship in to practice. Maa sha Allah! Well done, super learners!

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