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Introducing SYV!

This year sees the launch of SYV (School of Islamic Studies Young Volunteers), a dedicated group of young volunteers who will be participating in a number of projects. Through these projects, we hope to enable our young team to develop key skills and to provide valuable experience for their future plans insha Allah. Further details can be found in the dedicated SYV section of our site but for now, please meet the team 🙂 – Br. Farhan

IS4 Islamic Calendars

Masha’Allah! As we learn the significance of various different Islamic months through the year we asked the students to make an Islamic calendar for homework. We were absolutely blown away with the creativity these little souls put into it. The colourful creations were a delight to see. They were all so proud of their work and so eager to share with us. We are so so proud of our students. Keep up the good work IS4! – Sr. Ramos & Sr. Shazia

Start of Term 1: 2022-23

Assalaamu Alaikum and welcome to the start of a new academic year here at MKIS School of Islamic Studies. Term 1 starts on Sunday 18th September 2022 insha Allah. Please ensure you have enrolled your children in time!

Awards Day 2022

Our Awards day 2022. Thank you to all for attending.

Eid-ul-Adha Display – MK Central Library

Br. Dawar (Islamic Studies Subject Head) and his family have contributed to a display currently on show at CMK Library for Eid-ul_Adha. Be sure to pop in this month to take a look!

AS1 Lesson 19.06.22

Today to consolidate what we have been learning in level 1 students have been making their very own Hijri calendar. Students were eager and very excited to see all the interesting and colourful components they had to work with. Students were impressed with their dedicated work and carefully following the instruction led them to be able to set their calendar to the correct setting for the day. They can interact with it 5 times a day every day. In sha Allah Students can use their Hijri calendar to be connected and embed their Islamic and Arabic Knowledge further and look forward to important Fard and Sunnah days of the year.

Comment from students:

“This is so cool!”, “I want to take it home!”, “I’m going to use this every day!”, “This is so nice!”, “This is so colourful!”, “Wow! Look at mine!”, “I don’t want to put it in my bag; it will get ruined!”

A lot of happy smiley faces from both level 1 & 2 left the class today Alhumdulillah!

AS1 Lesson 29.05.22

Assalaamu a’laikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Today students were learning to read and write جحخمهة in all their forms. As an assessment they were instructed to write with chalk the letters of the day on theirs selected paving stone. Subhan Allah, this is what they produced. Alhumdulillah they had to be convinced to stop writing with the reassurance that they will do it again next lesson!

IS1 Lesson: My Path to Jannah

Mashallah – such wonderful work from IS1 today! Today we continued our learning of what a good Muslim should do, our most excellent role model – the prophet Muhammad SAW, and importance of good deeds, alhamdulillah. The amazing IS1 class today created their own path to Jannah based on things we can do everyday inshallah! Mashallah – beautiful discussions and ideas on what we should and can do to try to be the best that we can be! Mashallah – brilliant work team IS1! 👏🏽🌟👏🏽

IS1 Lesson 08.05.22

As Salaam alaykum everyone and welcome back to MKIS following the blessed month of Ramadan and Eid ul fitr celebrations! Alhamdulillah! In today’s lesson, the amazing IS1 discussed what a good Muslim should do, and the importance of remembering Allah SWT. During their lesson today, IS1 made beautiful tasbeeh beads to practice their dhikr (remembrance) of Allah SWT – Mashallah! It was wonderful to see everyone excited and hearing the beautiful dhikr of Allah SWT throughout the class alhamdulillah! Well done team IS1! 👏🏽🌟👍🏽

IS1 – Hajj Lesson

Alhamdulillah! What a fantastic day with Islamic Studies year 1 (IS1) learning all about Hajj! Using their amazing skills, knowledge, and team work, our class built their own mini models highlighting the key steps of Hajj mashAllah including; the kaaba, mount Safa and Marwa, the tents in Mina, mount Arafah, stones at Muzdalifah, the Jamarat, and a sheep to signify Eid Al-Adha mashAllah! The class discussed each element, and took such care and attention in remembering the importance and blessings of Hajj mashAllah! It was an absolute delight and privilege to see the class come to life in creating these works of art, remembering the stories of prophet Ibrahim AS and increasing our love for Allah SWT alhamdulillah! Go IS1 mashAllah!  👏   💫 – Sr. Samita (IS1 Teacher)