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Islamic Studies IS6 End of Year Test

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TAWHID is strongly present in the Christian religion

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Prophet Musa could bring the dead person to life

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Prophet Isa will bring a new religion when he comes back on earth before the day of judgement

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Kiramun Katibeen are the angels who ask the questions from a dead person in the grave

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Abu-Bakr (RA) was the first person to give the call to prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque?

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Death means end of all existence for our body and soul

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What is SHIRK? Give one example of each category of shirk.

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If you have £ 4000 in your account, how much Zakat would you have to pay?

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Name 2 special things about the Juma/Friday prayer that make it DIFFERENT from a normal Dhuhr prayer?

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